Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your private investigations confidential?

We will only ever give out information about you or your case if we have a legal duty to do so. Please be assured than any information you provide to one of our investigators will be kept completely confidential and be shared with no-one outside of the agents directly involved in your case.

Be assured that we will not keep your information or information related to your case for any longer than is absolutely necessary and we will take steps to ensure that it is kept up to date. You have a right under the Data Protection Act of 1998 to ask what information we hold about you.

Your confidentiality and privacy are always our highest priority.

Will the person I am tracing know that I am looking for them?

Nobody should ever be able tell that they are being investigated, traced or followed by on of our private detectives. Our investigators are highly skilled and experienced and we understand the importance of privacy and confidential in the legal and personal investigation sector.

Read more about locating people.

Is 'it' legal?

Yes. PDC London only acts within the law. We have access to tens of thousands of records, be they financial, property records, criminal records and more. None of the resources you will access by using our service are illegal and nor are any of the methods we employ in order to gain information from non recorded data.

How long does an investigation generally take?

This depends on the service required or the nature of the investigation. We always aim to provide clients with an approximate estimate of the timings involved during our initial consultation but these can vary dependant on the results and evidence we discover during the course of our investigation. We will keep you informed throughout the case as to the status of the investigation and we are only ever a phone call away if you would like an update or if you remember information which may help us.

What are your accepted payment methods?

We are happy to accept payments via a wide variety of major Credit Cards, Cheques, Bank Transfers or several Online Payment methods.

As a matter of discretion all payments, whether Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Online Payment, will be made payable to Z o o k x Limited - our trading style of PDC London and mentions of private detective or private investigator will NOT appear on any of your statements or paperwork in order to best maintain the confidentiality of your investigation.

What guarantee is there?

Our goal with each case is to meet our clients stated objectives, we regularity achieve this through performing accurate, professional, thorough and cost effective investigations. There are of course times when we may be unable to locate someone or gather the kind of evidence you suspect due to circumstance, but such occurrences are very rare in our business and we pride ourselves and have built our reputation as one of the UKs premier Private Investigator Agencies on our very high success rates.

We will always keep you aware and up to date of the current status of any investigation.

How do you find Missing people in London?

In addition to using the regular databases and records available to most private investigators and information providers we have developed our own proprietary databases and sources which are current and regularly updated and maintained. We do not relay on 'cheap' or outdated sources which would only service to slow or mislead an investigation.

We also, whenever possible, attempt to contact associates, friends, neighbours, employers, creditors and others that may have knowledge of the subject personally and cross check all information we uncover to make sure we have the whole picture.

What information do you need?

This depends on the service that is required by the client.

For example, if we were being asked to locate a missing person we would like to know any or all of the following:
Full name
Last known address
National Insurance number
Date of birth
The names of relatives, previous employers and friends
Drivers license number.

How soon can you start to investigate my case?

We endeavour to begin work on your case soon as you contact us and we have received your instruction, whether verbal or in writing.

What area do you cover?

We operate a nationwide service but are based in offices in both Central London and in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire. The majority of work we perform is undertaken in the Greater London area.

We also have an extensive network of trusted agents and colleagues located internationally - allowing PDC London to work anywhere in the world and to undertake cases that span countries and continents.

What hours do you work?

Our office typically operates a five day, nine am to five thirty, week. However the very nature of our business often leads us to work whatever hours are required by the task or case in hand.

You can contact us via e-mail 24 hours a day or, if you feel the need to call us outside office hours, call us on 07976 444 444

Will my husband/wife/partner will find out that I'm checking on them?

Nobody should ever be able tell that they are being investigated. Its our business to provide a service that is completely private and confidential and we pride ourselves on this. If an investigator is concerned that during the course of a surveillance exercise they are in danger of 'blowing their cover' they will back off and continue the surveillance at a later date.

I can't communicate publicly, is this a problem?

No, we can arrange to contact you via e-mail or text message and at a time you are comfortable with, please email or call us and let us know what works best for you.

How do your details appear on my credit card statement?

As a matter of discretion all payments, whether Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Online Payment, will be made payable to Z o o k x Limited - so our trading style of PDC London will NOT appear on any bank statements or paperwork.

If you think you may require any of our services, please contact us, in complete confidence and privacy, to find out how we can help deliver the investigative solution that's the right one for you. If you've been unable to find the answer to the question you we're looking for, take a look at out website's site-map to view all the pages of this website.