London 'Bug Sweeping' and TCS

We employ Private Investigators who are fully trained and very experienced in the art of counter surveillance. They are fully able to electronically and physically perform inspections of homes, offices, buildings, vehicles, telephone systems, cabling and computers for the presence of eavesdropping, tracking and recording devices.

Advances in technology mean that not only are recording and tracking devices cheaper and more readily available to everyone but they are also smaller, smarter, more diverse in their design and increasingly much more difficult to spot.

PDC Bug Sweep in London Service

A professional sweep by one of our experienced, trained agents can help to ensure that your business or/and home, be it regarding a personal or corporate matter, is kept private.Increasingly it is not just the corporate sector who contact us requiring counter surveillance services. We are finding it more and more common in personal investigations and matters concerning relationships, cheating and divorce that we are being tasked with, and finding, recording devices.

Be the issue someone who doesn't trust their partner, a disgruntled family member, a neighbour, business associate or someone with malice toward you and yours we can sweep and secure your space. We have even encountered and uncovered rival private investigation companies spying on our clients in the course of previous investigations.

We specialise in delivering counter surveillance services designed to secure and safeguard your valuable assets, information and privacy from all forms of surveillance. Once you engage PDC London we will discuss your suspicions and the best way to proceed.

If you require full details of our TSCM operating procedures please contact us.

PDC London telephone number 0800 5677 007

If you are contacting us with the belief that your privacy may be compromised please think about the most secure location or method in which to use to make contact with us (Ideally via both a location and a method of communication outside of your normal routine) and also who you talk to about your suspicions.

If you do have concerns about surveillance, please contact us today to discuss a your concerns.

We offer all our Services both individually or as sub-contractors to other agencies. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you might have. Discuss your enquiry with one of our Detectives - in complete confidence, please contact PDC London with any questions or queries you might have or call us on our telephone number - 0800 5677 007.