Honey Trap Service

When other methods of surveillance or investigation are not appropriate a Honey Trap can provide an answer which can set your mind at rest - one way or another.

We are fully aware of the sensitive nature of this particular area of enquiry and can utilise either male or female investigators as suits the nature of the investigation. We understand that concerns over a partners fidelity can be highly stressful and you can be assured that we are most sympathetic and understanding with highly experienced private investigators and operatives handling each individual case.

Honey Trap Relationship Investigation Services

We have a wide range of attractive agents of all ages and sexes who could approach your partner at a sat, pre arranged time and place and attempt to open a conversation with them. We will provide you with an honest account of how your partner has acted and what transpired during the meeting. Photographic and video evidence may also be provided if required. Our agent will attempt to arrange a 'date' with the subject and then leave, we will then contact you with our report.

An investigation by PDC London can either remove the doubts you have and set your mind at ease as to your relationship or provide you with irrefutable evidence which will allow you to confront the problem. Be it a matrimonial or personal issue we will always do our best to help.

Our private investigators understand that it may be difficult making the first step toward using this service but please be assured that we are very understanding and approachable, and treat all enquiries with complete discretion and respect.

PDC London telephone number 0800 5677 007

If you do have concerns about a suspected cheating partner, or would just like to put your mind at rest, please contact us today to discuss the setting of a honey trap in the Greater London area with one of our detectives, in complete confidence, please either call us on our UK freephone number 0800 5677 007 or e-mail us.