Private Detective Services in London

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With offices based within minutes reach of the M25 and Central London itself, along with a highly reliable a network of contacts across the UK you can be confident that our investigators have the experience, contacts and ability to achieve the results you need. Here is a brief breakdown of just some of the services that we are regularly called upon to offer

Missing Persons - Tracing Service

If you are looking to find someone you have long lost contact with then we can help.
Frequently we do not require payment until we have found the person concerned

Surveillance Services

Covert Surveillance services are often utilised in investigations involving matters of corruption, fraud, theft, and also in personal investigations into matrimonial and divorce cases. We have the resources to cover a days surveillance in the London area at very short notice as well as being able to undertake larger investigations that may run into several weeks.

GPS Car and Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking is a highly cost effective method of tracking vehicles or maintaining a surveillance without the use of more expensive agents or resources. Often used In fidelity and matrimonial cases as well as in corporate fleet investigations into the miss use of time and resources. We can show you were a vehicle went, what route it took and how long it stayed there, all at a very low cost.

Domestic Investigations

We are highly experienced in the investigation of all types of marital, custody and infidelity related cases. If you have concerns or suspicions over the behaviour or actions of your partner or spouse we would be happy to offer our advice, as will all calls and emails we receive your enquiry will be treated in complete confidence.

Mobile Phone and Digital Forensics

PDC London are experts in forensic data retrieval, the information extraction and analysis of mobile phones, personal data devices and computers. We have the experience, skills and resources recover items such as deleted texts, files, images and other information that may appear lost or deleted.

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Honey Trap Service

If you suspect that your spouse or partner may cheating on and feel the need to either confirm the adultery, or calm the fears you have, then a honey-trap may help you move forward.

Background Checks

One of the most essential and valuable components applicable to most investigative processes is a background report. We perform background check and reports on individuals and limited companies.

Process Serving

Prompt service of legal documents for all sectors of the legal and finance industry in the Greater London area and beyond.

Nursing and Care Home Investigations

Concerned about someone’s health or welfare in a nursing or care home, we have experiences mounting investigations and in monitoring standards of care given.

Debtor Tracing

Debt recovery and the tracing of elusive debtors and absconders. we understand time is an important factor in tracking down a debtor who has absconded and as with our people tracing service we achieve a very high rate of successfully located debtors.

Fraud Investigation

PDC London is experienced in investigating incidents of fraud in both the corporate and private sector. Our investigations may combine a number of our other professional services such as computer forensic analysis, document analysis and covert surveillance in its many forms to achieve results.

Be assured that we will not keep your information or information related to your case for any longer than is absolutely necessary and we will take steps to ensure that it is kept up to date. You have a right under the Data Protection Act of 1998 to ask what information we hold about you.

Your confidentiality and privacy are always our highest priority.

If you think you may require any of our services, please contact us, in complete confidence and privacy, to find out how we can help deliver the investigative solution that's the right one for you. If you've been unable to find the answer to the question you we're looking for, take a look at our website's site-map to view all the pages of this website or read our FAQ page.