Covert Surveillance Services

Methods of surveillance use vary in each investigation we perform but we regularly provide both mobile surveillance in covert vehicles and static ongoing surveillance, either manned or with the use of a recording devices. We are also skilled in GPS tracking systems for the surveillance and monitoring of vehicles remotely, read more on this on our Vehicle Tracking page.

Our private investigators are able to track subjects both on foot and in vehicles whilst obtaining documented photographic, audio or video evidence of the subject under observation.

All evidence gathered is provided to you along with a detailed report of the surveillance at the end of each investigation.

London Surveillance Investigation Services

Using GPS tracking we can also electronically tag a subjects vehicle to find out destinations visited, routes taken and time spent there.

Counter surveillance services are also available to clients concerned about their personal or their businesses' privacy and security. We have more in-depth information of the technical surveillance counter measure services we can provide on our Technical Counter Measures page.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. Often when people speak to us it is the first time they have had cause to hire a Private Investigator and at PDC London we fully understand this and so you can be assured that all calls are received with sensitivity and complete confidentially and further that all information we receive is used in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act.

PDC London telephone number 0800 5677 007

If you require a Private Investigator in the Greater London area, please contact us, in complete confidence, to find out how we can help, please either call us on our UK freephone number 0800 5677 007 or e-mail us.