Hidden Asset Search Investigations

PDC London most often are tasked with performing asset search and investigation for collection agencies, debt collectors, solicitors, corporate clients and also for private individuals - particularly in divorce matters.

PDC Asset Location Services

Assets can be held in many different ways making asset investigation a far from straightforward process. When someone has cause to hide assets to avoid the reach of a debtor, a partner or a spouse, often they will utilise methods such as shell corporations, relatives and trusts to hold legal ownership of their assets. This misdirection can make the location and the proof of assets considerably more difficult with a search for one individual's assets leading to a search for assets held further a field.

PDC London telephone number 0800 5677 007

With the years of experience our Investigation Agency has in this area we have honed our skills and techniques over time so we are confident we know all the methods most often used by individuals who are attempting to conceal and hide assets. Please feel free to contact PDC London with any questions or queries you might have or call us on our telephone number - 0800 5677 007.

Locating Assets can assist in satisfying a debt as well as help in contesting bankruptcies or proving fraud. The most common request for asset location and valuation we receive at PDC London occurs in cases of divorce. Frequently partners and spouses will attempt to hide their true worth from their estranged other in an effort to evade a fair settlement.

We have assisted hundreds of clients over the years helping them to obtain a truly fair and honest settlement when the outcome might otherwise have been quite different, had PDC London not been called on to perform a full hidden asset investigation.

You can read a more detailed explanation of a selection of the services our Private Detectives regularly perform, both in London and across the UK, by visiting our Services pages. Alternatively, if you would rather discuss your enquiry with one of our Investigators please call us on our UK free phone number 0800 5677 007 anytime. We offer all our services both to individuals and business' and are often called upon to act as sub-contractors to other Private Investigation Agencies.