London Vehicle Tracking

The GPS units used by the Private Detectives Corporation allow us to gain very detailed information of a vehicle and persons whereabouts at a relatively low cost and without the danger of an operative being noticed by the individual under surveillance or even the possibility of loosing the subject in traffic.

With GPS Tracking we can

  • Track a vehicle to the nearest address.
  • Determine how long the vehicle remained at any given destination.
  • Provide details of suspicious activities, e.g. Is your partner really going to where they say?
  • See if your spouse actually working late?
  • Stop employee abuse of company cars and vehicles.

  • Car fitted with a tracking device

    Vehicle tracking and satellite tracking systems make use of GPS satellite positioning technology to compute positions on the Earth and record a vehicle's movement accurately to a matter of meters.

    With a GPS Device in place it will record locations, routes and times as the car drives around. We both utilise 'live' tracking devices which will broadcast a vehicles position as it moves around in real time and also recording devices which will store information over a long period and need to be retrieved in order to download the route and movement information.

    PDC London uses only the most up-to-date equipment meaning that a GPS Tracking Device is ideal for covert installation and can record movements for several weeks.

    PDC London telephone number 0800 5677 007

    In many cases, both personal and corporate, GPS Tracking can provide the solution you need.PDC London telephone number 0800 5677 007

    If you would like to discuss vehicle tracking in the Grater London area with one of our private detectives, in complete confidence, please call us on our UK freephone number 0800 5677 007 anytime.